About us

Marathon: Specializing in Return on Invention

Marathon Patent Group is a patent and patent rights acquisition and licensing company. We acquire patents and patent rights from patent holders ranging from individual inventors to Fortune 500 companies. Our strategy of acquiring patents that cover a varied scope of subject matter allows us to achieve diversity within our patent asset portfolio. We generate revenue with our diversified portfolio through actively managed concurrent licensing campaigns. This approach is expected to result in a long-term, diversified revenue stream.

Patent Holders

Patent holders who believe their rights are being infringed and wish to enforce them rely on Marathon for a reliable strategy. Marathon executives and advisors have decades of experience licensing patents and an impressive record of success.

Potential Licensees

Including businesses selling products and services in such areas as telecommunications, semiconductors, software and the life sciences. Marathon offers a host of options to companies in many industries that wish to secure a license to practice an invention and avoid litigation.
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