Marathon is an IP licensing and commercialization company. The Company acquires and manages IP rights from a variety of sources, including large and small corporations, universities and other IP owners. Marathon has a global focus on IP acquisition and management. The Company's commercialization division is focused on the full commercialization lifecycle which includes discovering opportunities, performing due diligence, providing capital, managing development, protecting and developing IP, assisting in execution of the business plan, and realizing shareholder value.

Patent Holders

Patent holders who believe their rights are being infringed and wish to enforce them rely on Marathon for a reliable strategy. Marathon executives and advisors have decades of experience licensing patents and an impressive record of success.

Potential Licensees

Including businesses selling products and services in such areas as telecommunications, semiconductors, software and the life sciences. Marathon offers a host of options to companies in many industries that wish to secure a license to practice an invention and avoid litigation.


Marathon is constantly searching for new ideas and valuable patents. The objective of Marathon's Commercialization Initiative is to identify, evaluate and commercialize early stage, emerging technologies, backed by strong Intellectual Property, into stand-alone products and businesses.

Marathon works with orphan corporate initiatives, inventors and startup companies to start and grow businesses based on innovative ideas and strong Intellectual Property. Our focus in our technology commercialization efforts is on helping new businesses bring innovative concepts and products to reality.

Some of the ways in which we work with our client companies in commercialization include:

  • Developing an IP strategy, including patents, trade secrets, and copyright
  • Providing expertise and financing to apply for relevant patents
  • Providing funding to develop prototypes or proof-of-concept technology
  • Administrative and Operational Support

If you would like to submit your technology for consideration, please fill out the following form and we will reply as soon as possible.