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Marathon Patent Group CEO Doug Croxall Interviewed on NASDAQ CEO Signature Series

July 27, 2015

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Marathon Patent Group CEO Doug Croxall Interviewed on NASDAQ CEO Signature Series

Our CEO, Doug Croxall was recently interviewed by Jeanne Yurman as part of the NASDAQ CEO Signature Series of interviews. In a wide-ranging interview Croxall shared insights into Marathon’s investment strategy, business model, and the patent monetization industry, among other topics. A few highlights from the interview:

In response to a question about what Marathon’s portfolio is like, Croxall said,

We look at the patent asset like we would any other asset that an investor can invest in, whether stock, bond, real estate, or precious metal, so we use a lot of diversification strategy in our patent portfolio. We read on many different technologies and industries, and we also have assets in other jurisdictions, both the United States and foreign, specifically in Germany and throughout Europe.

In addition to software and pharmaceuticals what other industries are you in?

The passenger vehicle is becoming very intelligent, we see a lot of technology going into a car today that you didn’t see 20 years ago. We see a lot of opportunities in licensing technology into the automotive industry…also active in medical devices.

Yurman pointed out that Marathon is a non-practicing entity (NPE). She asked, “What makes Marathon different than the so-called patent trolls that scoop up tens of thousands of patents…and that are very abusive in their litigation practices?”

We don’t have tens of thousands of patents: we have 413 patents to be exact. We go for high quality assets that we feel have strong infringement reads, that we feel are very valid, and that we feel have a meaningful damages model…we typically don’t go after small companies with less than 250 or 300 million in revenue. We’re not filing suits just to get nuisance settlements, which a lot of companies are doing, $5,000 or $10,000 settlements. We’re going to battle with some of the largest companies in the world on behalf of some of the best patents created in the world. We stand up for the inventor, whether that inventor works for a Fortune 500 company or whether that inventor is the proverbial guy in the garage…we stand up for the rights of the inventor which are constitutionally protected in this country.

In response to a question about what’s the landscape for patent monetization like now, Croxall said,

The last two years we have had the White House and the legislative branch kind of come after our industry. Honestly it’s because they don’t understand what it is we do or how we do it. The arguments and the media have largely been controlled by the defendants who are already well-established in their industries. It behooves them not to have patent rights be used against them. It doesn’t deter us even though we are up against some headwinds.

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