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Marathon Patent Group is always on the lookout for quality patents to add to our portfolio. 

We’ll consider patents in any field of technology. Our portfolio already contains patents in fields as diverse as automotive, biomedical, internet, and telecom. Technology diversification is part of our portfolio strategy. 

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Would Marathon Be Interested in My Patent?

When evaluating patents, our most important criteria are the strength of the patent and the commercial value of the patent. Field of technology is not important.
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Why Marathon?

Our track record speaks for itself. When we buy a patent, often the patent owner retains a financial interest in the results of patent monetization campaigns. We generate excellent returns for our patent owner partners.
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The Patent Purchase Process

The starting point is to fill out our Patent Submission Form. Our experts will review your patent(s) and we will get back to you as quickly as possible to let you know whether or not we see potential in your patent(s).
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