The Patent Purchase Process

The process begins when you submit your patent(s) to us for consideration using our online Patent Submission Form.

It’s a simple form. Just give us:

  • your contact information
  • the patent number(s)
  • information about any known infringement 

We take it from there.

One of our patent experts will review your submission and contact you if there are any questions . If the opportunity is not right for Marathon, we will quickly inform you.

If the patent passes our initial evaluation,  the next step is for us to learn more about the patent(s) and your financial goals. We will also engage in further diligence that may include expert evaluation of the technology and the strength of the patent. 

If we’re interested in acquiring the patent, we’ll enter negotiations and structure a deal depending on your needs and preferences. 

Once the purchase is complete, we’ll get to work generating revenue from the patent assets.