Why Marathon?

Marathon Patent Group is a “PIPCO” -- a publicly-traded IP company.

The most important reasons to choose to work with Marathon are our expertise and our track record. When working with a patent monetization company, patent owners typically retain a financial interest in the outcome of any monetization campaigns. The patent owner therefore has a keen interest in the ability of the monetization company to generate revenue with patent assets.

Unfortunately, many companies that infringe patents refuse to pay a reasonable license fee even when the infringement is clear and the patent is strong. The Marathon team has many years of experience enforcing patents in the US and Europe. 

Our strategy of only working with strong patents is reflected in our success rate in fighting off challenges to our patents in both administrative procedures at the patent office and in court proceedings.

As a publicly traded company, Marathon has the financial resources and access to capital needed to fund expensive patent monetization campaigns. 

We are, however, still a small and growing company, so we provide patent owners with personalized service. We don’t have a large corporate bureaucracy with inflexible rules. We structure each deal with a patent owner in a way that optimizes the mix of cash up front and participation in future revenue streams in accordance with the needs of the patent owner.

Marathon offers patent owners the best of both worlds: 

  • the financial strength to engage in expensive monetization campaigns
  • Personalized service and customized deals