Would Marathon be Interested in My Patent?

Marathon Patent Group is “technology agnostic.” Our specialty is patents and patent monetization -- not one particular field of technological expertise.

Our in-house technical team works with outside subject matter experts as-needed to evaluate and/or enforce patents. Our goal is to help the patent owners we work with get a good return on the investment they made in their intellectual property.

When evaluating patents we look at the following factors:

  • Strength of the patent. It’s easier than ever to challenge patents at the US Patent and Trademark Office. We assume that any patent we want to monetize will be subject to an inter partes Therefore we carefully examine any patent we’re considering acquiring so we can be confident it will survive challenges based on prior art, patentable subject matter, and obviousness.
  • Commercial value. Not every invention is equally valuable commercially. Our common goal with our patent owner partners is to make money from patents. Our experience in the patent marketplace allows us to quickly identify patents that have commercial potential.
  • Known infringement. We prefer patents where there is known infringement, as we can then begin a monetization campaign immediately. In some cases, if there’s no known infringement we’ll consider patents to add to our commercialization program, where we make continued investments in the technology or build a business around the technology. Learn More